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(DP34) Convert Private Message to Topic


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File Name: (DP34) Convert Private Message to Topic

File Submitter: DawPi

File Submitted: 03 Jan 2014

File Category: Maintenance

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

With this hook you can easily convert message from private conversation to a topic. Starter of the message will be informed on PM about this operation also.
Only first message in conversation will be converted to the new topic.
In the notification you can add '%s' to replace it by URL to the newly created topic.

here to download this file

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Can you add an option to set prefix to new topic when i choose target forum to create ? i have rules in forums that oprefix is mandatory option to set when user creating new topic :/

better option will be to set this with reading prefixes from forums settings (created by advanced tags and prefixes) - in this state its totaly useless for me :/ thx a lot

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@DawPi - you know any proccess that alowed me to return purchase in IPS marketplace ? I must resign of this hook insted of very helpful Advanced Tags & prefixes application :smile: maybe I can trade for something else on your ipslink.pl site ? im from poland too.


even if I set to forum that prefix is set by default in new created topic conversion always stops and reporting that prefix is needed. prefix require set to off and i can manage to miss this feature -ok, but:

next thing that always reports that at least one tag is needed. even if i set that new topic will use one permanent tag.

so - this hook is for clean ipboard installs, not for living community :smile:

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you saw what you purchased. I can't provide any refund because you already downloaded this mod. I always show my mods on the screens because it's easier for everyone - for the client if he want to see mod in action before purchase and for me because I want to give quality and well showed product.

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Any chance a feature could be added for all replies in the conversation to be added to the topic also? (not just the first) And also, if there are other people in the conversation for them to be set to follow the created topic? Would purchase if those features could be added.

I often find I give a tutorial or discuss certain things with a small group of staff via PM that could later benefit being a topic in a forum later for others to see.

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