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Cache issue

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I never knew about Cache til i started having some problems with my server. I've been told to set up one of those

memcache and the rest to get rid of the cache. My host says that I can't unless its a plugin from IPB.

I really don't know what to do. How can i fix this cache issue? Is there any plugin? Or any manual way?

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Your post is kind of everywhere because it doesn't quite make sense of what you are needing or looking for.

1. Do you already have memcached running on your server and your host is recommending it to you? (Note the d, for daemon.)

2. Have you considered the caching methods that IPB supports? (apc, xcache, memcache) IPB support three cache types out of the box and only need to be set in your configuration. You cannot set a caching method UNLESS the server already has it installed. By installed I mean...

  • If APC, have apc installed and enabled with sufficient space in php.
  • If xcache, have xcache installed and enabled with sufficient space in php.
  • If memcache, have memcache plugin installed and enabled in php and have memcached running as a service with sufficient space.

If yes to any ONE of the three methods, you can turn the feature on in ipb configuration. You can only use one (to keep it simple).

Official guide to setting these caches for IPB are here:


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Any third party cache solution would require your web host to install.

You would need to speak to your host or look at a different option such as VPS, where you might be able to install it.

Is your webhost / plan suitable for your site, that might be the issue.

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Your hosting provider should be able to offer you any kind of cache. It doesn't matter which they offer/choose. What matters is that the server has to be configured to use it and then your website content management system (IPB) can use the cache properly. It sounds like your host refuses to offer assistance because they could have easily set you up with any cache and directed you to enable it with your software. Typical poor quality hosting support followed by you looking for an alternative hosting solution. If you currently run any kind of Control Panel on your server, it should offer you installation of a cache service and configuration with your IPB is really easy.

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