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Getting ipboard to load in 1 second!

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Exec. Time: 0.8311 Load: 0.17 Queries: 66 queries ipcontent index page

Exec. Time: 0.0967 Load: 0.18 Queries: 6 queries forum index with 78 forums (1 for each state and others) listed

approx 200 guests (40 are robots) browsing right now.

info like that seems to be more accurate

browser cache makes big difference though to user.

chasing metrics too much can be a waste of time, and a lot also may depend on other sites responding fast. pingdom is good for monitoring and others good for checking initial loads and issues (like a bad img link or something) but you can get bogged down trusting them too much. plus who says their servers are running well ??

just my opinion.

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Since we're talking about post page... A page with 590 posts over 30 pages. The very first page load:

First php file: 199ms. 23ms on connecting. 151ms waiting. 24ms receiving.

Including all 3rd party loads (like fb), all loaded in 885ms for me. That was with css and stuff cached.

From completely fresh, loading everything: 2.04s (including 3rd party loads like fb)


Your site is distance wise, quite far from me, but should be possible to get it under 3s for cached.

As I see it, I have a bad connection to your server. I spend a lot of time receiving data. That page is 1mb in total (probably b/c of big cone image). But, I shouldn't take that long downloading 1mb. So, swapping for a host with better network will resolve that. Though, after a few tests, seems I download faster at some occasions.

The biggest time sink for your site are 3rd party resources, like facebook and most importantly ads.

You have a lot of js files. Merge them all into one (or few as possible) to reduce time. Files like js are non-async in loading. It will wait for the previous to load before getting the next one (in twos). If you have that many, you're stopping download of many other components until they're done. I may be wrong, but I think you also have some js that are loaded twice. Once by your site and once more through gsapi.

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Yes, the sheer number of requests that you are making guarantees the page load time to be awful. Here's a WebPagetest run of it: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/131213_2K_FTR/

As Grumpy noted, the worst part is the number of third party resources. And many of those are not cached at the browser. Yikes. You should _NOT_ have 58 requests on the "repeat view".


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Currently a messy, not entirely otpimized development forum, but I think it's pretty snappy with response times still.



For my primary forum, which is notably more bloated, handling around ~300,000 page requests and ~500GB of data transfer from ~9,000 visitors a day, the average page generation time for my members (according to Piwik) is ~0.75 seconds.

A "real life" example for me, this is how long my primary forums board index takes to load:


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