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Terms & Conditions Link not working. Urgent fix required


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This will be affecting everyone that has upgraded to 3.4.6. The "I agree to the XYZ rules" link does not work.

Listed in the tracker here.

It doesn't work in my forums and it doesn't work here in IPS's own forums. This requires an urgent update. I'm getting new members breaching our rules and I don't have a leg to stand on when I say you were meant to read the rules when you signed up.



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Thanks. Now it's working again. IPS need to apply the same fix here.

I would have thought this warranted an ACP warning message. Requiring members to agree to terms and conditions when they join a forum is vital. I've had several run ins and abusive emails from new members because they signed up and haven't been complying with our rules. Bit hard for me to say you were meant to read the rules when you clicked the I agree button, when it hasn't been working and I wasn't aware it wasn't working.

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