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ChristmasTime 3.4.6


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File Name: ChristmasTime 3.4.6

File Submitter: steve00

File Submitted: 01 Dec 2013

File Category: Complex Skins

Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.6.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Calendar 3.3.x, IP.Content 2.3.x, IP.Downloads 2.5.x, IP.Gallery 5.0.x, IP.Nexus 1.5.x

Our Second Christmas Themed skin for 3.4.6 (similar to our first but with a few changes)
Forum (3.4.6)
Blog (2.6.3)
Gallery (5.0.5)
Calendar (3.3.4)
Downloads (2.5.4)
Content (2.3.6)
Nexus (1.5.9)

Includes .PSD files for logo, Team Icons and installation instructions

NOTE: Team Icons for this skin will not overwrite any others you have for any other skin.

Please contact me for demo link as test installation only online certain times of the day.

Terms & Conditions:

To be installed on one forum only, to install on more than one then you will need to purchase skin again (contact me for discounts for purchasing more than one skin).

You are not allowed to give free, re-sell or make profit directly from the skin.

You do not have the right to redistribute this skin set in any way.

Copyright removal available at extra cost, contact me for details or read the README.txt file included in the download.

Checked in IE9, FF 25.0 and Opera 12.16

here to download this file

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Myself and many of my site members are having a LOT of issues with this theme since installing. Now with that said, I had just upgraded from IPB 3.3.3 to 3.4.6, I didn't install until 3.4.6 was working. While this is a nice looking theme, I have way to many issues going on when people are using this theme. I would just have to post the entire thread on my site here with the issues.

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Sorry but if you installed when you had 3.3.3 then it will not work with that version ... it states (more than once) it is for 3.4.6

Just stating way too many issues .. doesn't help me try to help you.

I have tested this in IE9, FF and Opera and works as it should (as can be seen by screenies)..

Send me link via PM with login details as if you have upgraded to 3.4.6 BEFORE installing this skin then there should not be any problem (unless you have some old hooks/mods installed that are causing the issues) and if you have some other 3rd party apps etc installed then it would not be skinned for those

Without knowing the issues and seeing what you are referring to then am unable to help (I can send you link to my test forum for you to see it does work 100%)

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