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File Name: Christmasity

File Submitter: Michael Keith

File Submitted: 30 Nov 2013

File Category: Themed Skins

Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.6.x, IP.Board 3.4.x, IP.Calendar 3.3.x, IP.Chat 1.4.x, IP.Content 2.3.x, IP.Downloads 2.5.x, IP.Gallery 4.1.x

"Ho, Ho, Ho", Merry Christmas!

I present to you the wonderful Christmas colors of all time.

Christmasity - The word of Christmas and the "ity" gives it a little joy into it.

We have made this theme to look beautiful and joyable for our lovely customers.


  • Secondary Footer - A beautiful secondary footer just for you and your co-admins and other people.
  • Half-BG Style - We have put up a background image of Snowflakes just about 50 to 50 so it will stand out the logo and the nav.
  • And so much more...

We have kick-in a PSD logo so you can modify the Christmas logo to your own desire.

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

Email: admin@themetree.net
Website: themetree.net

here to download this file

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Thank you for buying Christmasity ctreeves.

As your questions states:

How do I remove / edit the footer?

If you want to remove it as you said you can do these simple steps.
Step 1.
Go to your ACP and find Manage Skin Sets & Templates --> then click on my theme called "Christmasity".

Step 2.
Then go to globalTemplate where it is in Global Templates.

Step 3.
After that, find this code "<div id='secondary_footer' class='clearfix'>" when you find it please select all of that until you see this "<!-- ::: FOOTER (Change skin, language, mark as read, etc) ::: -->".

Now this is how to edit the footer.

Step 1.
Where you see this "<a href='#' class='block_title'>TITLE HERE</a>", I will explain it to you how to edit them.
  • <a href=''> - This is a link, you can put anything that starts with a link in your address bar.
  • class='block_title'> - This is a class attribute that it finds the CSS and puts it up on the screen.
  • "TITLE HERE" - This is where you can edit the name of the title.
Now this is how to edit the links.
Step 1.
Where you see this "<li><a href="#">Link Here</a></li>", I will explain it to you how to edit the links.
  • <a href='#'> - As I said up top this is a link in your address bar.
  • "Link Here" - This is where you edit the links. If you want more keep on pasting these "<li><a href="#">Link Here</a></li>" but put in your link and your title.
Moving on to the next question.

Can I make it wider?

Yes you can make it wider.

Just go to your ACP and click Manage Skin Sets & Templates --> then click on my theme called "Christmasity" then click on the tab that says "CSS". Wants you done that please find "ipb_styles.css". When you done finding please find this code in your ipb_styles.css "#content, .main_width {". After that, please find "width: 963px !important;", now this is where you edit the width just by changing these numbers "963px".

After your done your changes, please Save the changes and refresh your site.

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