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Looks a great mod.

Does it allow us to link to other url's of our boards? I.E Share an Article, Request a comment, Show a gallery etc

for now nope, only options are to reply on a topic, vote on a poll & create a new topic on selected forum

if this action is not done after X days it will redirect a member to a page where a more serious message will be displayed from there the member is forced to complete this action or he wont be able to use the board, it will redirect them back to that message.

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ok how do i find my topic ID?

ok figured out its in the address bar..

now however i set it to vote for members

I logged in as member and voted yet still got the same forced message need to vote so then replied to topic that worked

can you fix this so just a vote will work?

or is it something i am doing

also one more question if i set it to guests replying would it know what IP that guest had and not bug them again or would they have to fill it out each time

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