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Forum Locked Icon


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Forum Locked Icon

File name: Forum Locked Icon
Submitter: BomAle
Submitted: 11/17/2013
Category: User and Social Engagement
Discussion URL :
Support Info: On support topic or PM
Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

This Hook will go to replace forum icon where current user logged not have access to see that forum!
See the ReadMe.html attached for change icon to skin set.
Little price for this version ;)

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I can't see the point of this mod. You can already and easily assign an icon to each forum. Attached is what I mean. I have assigned an icon to each of these forums. For the restricted Admin only form I have used a Key icon. It could have been a padlock or any other image that I chose.


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This hook does not work - it displays the lock icon on the forum after the one it is supposed to.Snip20150104_1.thumb.png.69f89ee4c35d664

​I try to check and test the hook, and update the files as soon as.

@3DKiwi this hook check permissions for singular forum and assign icon if you don't read forum inside... useful to "automate" the assignment of locked icon (no edit of description)

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