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[REQUEST]Linking to anchor elements from posts to other posts


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With the actual version we cannot link to anchor from posts.

For example If I want to send someone a link to an anchor(ex:anchor_name1) from the post id 7568, I cannot do that because the direct link to post extracted from topic view is in this format:


It is very useful this feature because I want pointing to that the person reading the post from that anchor.With other words we need to target linking parts of content from the posts.

Please give us the possibility to add in this link the anchor element for directing there.Something like this :


Now,this is not possible because the parsed post link is


and you can't add to the end of the link another anchor, because of the post anchor.

Or can we achieve this with other methods?

Kind regards!

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Not sure if this is still relevant, but here's how I just did it:

<a href='{parse url="showtopic={$r['topic_id']}&amp;view=findpost&amp;p={$r['pid']}" template="showtopic" seotitle="{$r['title_seo']}" base="public"}' rel='bookmark' #{$r['pid']}'>title of your link</a>

Hope this helps!

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