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Brian A.

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Here comes a new theme from Michael Keith.
The new theme is called "Blaze", a theme is mostly a gamers theme but not quite.
Blaze- A modern dark theme made with a touch of a little green.

This modern dark theme comes with a PSD logo so you can change it however you like.

CREDITS [*]Forum Icons goes to MapBox
Website: http://www.themetree.net
Email: admin@themetree.net



Note: We are no longing supporting the old version of Blaze because ThemeTree has been upgraded to 4.0. If you still want support or help to Blaze, you have to contact us at admin@themetree.net to discuss your problem to Blaze. Please notice that we are charging for support and help because ThemeTree is longer have the oldest version so we are kicking in our time to help you and support you.

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    <p>Please <a rel="external nofollow" href="http://www.themetree.net/forum/47-theme-support/">go here</a> to get support for this theme</p>
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    IP.Blog 2.4.x
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