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(MDX) IPB Mobile Improved


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File Name: (MDX) IPB Mobile Improved

File Submitter: mdx

File Submitted: 05 Nov 2013

File Category: Complex Skins

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

Improved style mobile with additional features!

In the style IPB Mobile Improved was changed:

  • Added information about the last post and the author in board index
  • Swapped icons in navigation
  • Added to navigation My content link
  • Added display to comments statuses
  • Added ability to sort threads
  • Added ability to sort statuses
  • Added ability to sort members

Enjoy ;)

here to download this file

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I was looking for a mod where my users can upload pictures in the mobile style in their posts, can you help me?

A rather will not take longer the style mobile, although this is not certain. This is probably the only version of this style. I'm sorry

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