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Suggestion: Nofollow should be more flexible


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Currently we can have every single link nofollowed, or none at all. Can we have the ability to at least allow links posted by admins or specified groups to be followed?

My help forums are part of my own site, and when answering questions I more often than not post a link to a relevant article on my main site. I don't want these links to show up as not trusted, they are my links and I whole heartedly trust them.

Having said that, I'm not keen on setting my forums so that every single link is followed for obvious reasons. I need to be able to make my own links normal, and links by members "nofollow". I can always manually nofollow a link if appropriate.

There must be hundreds of thousands of admins and moderators on forums who post links to trusted places or pages created by themselves who want the freedom to have those links be genuine recommendations of those pages. The current all or nothing option is a bit of a blunt instrument.

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