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Client Centre - Please add Community Name to the list of Paid Invoices!

The Old Man

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In the Client Centre, in particular when viewing lists of invoices (paid etc.) but also when looking at an actual Invoice, please could you add the package/community name to the page? The notes facility is helpful Its currently time consuming and confusing when looking at the list of paid invoices to work out which refers to which community, when as a reseller you want to catch up with your invoicing to your customers!

If you added the name of the community to which the invoice refers (see example screen shots), it would be much simpler to keep track at a glance.

I only have 4 active licenses and its confusing to me, never mind those with many more!

Many thanks!

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I could come out of developer retirement if you'd like. While I have bbedit open, I'll make a few commits to IPS4. Hang tight.

​It's offtopic but it's very strange that there are those repeated  sentences in the replys instead of quotes.


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