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Way to make internal IPB Pm string public in forums?


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Hola the weekend everyone

Since yesterday, we decided to run a kind of "meeting" internally via pms, because we wanted the earlier parts of discovery during the pm meeting to be easily controlled with fewer people. I now see all this "content" in this pm meeting that could have been excellent if we'd left it external, specially for the rest of our community regarding wiki standards and update techniques.

Is there a hack or mod or something someone knows that can just let me "transport" the string of pms in this long meeting from internal to external to the forum?

Maybe a permission setting




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We're trying to convert a content-rich pm conversation into a topic that can be read in our forum, to be data mined, or that seo can benefit from.

Right now the pm is internal, google can't read it.

It's like it's locked away in a forum that noone else can read, and this pm is now 62 messages long.

We'd like to just "release" the pm, into an exterior forum that public and google can read.
Anything like this possible?

In a forum like ours where there's a lot of technical development, the way it goes is...

  • Member contacts us via pm
  • They've been told to keep discussions live but do it anyway
  • Because we're into the cx service, we keep conversing internally with them
  • pm becomes very long, and becomes sown with good data.
  • we are overcome by regret as, once again, a thread has been started internally (which you guys call a pm wink.gif) will never see the outside world, and be free to manifest.
  • the world has been robbed
  • cry

We were just wondering if a pm thread like this can be set free into the outside world?

Would IPB be able to create a functionality like this that could enable us to transform a pm, after consideration and growth internally, into a topic?



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Hello, your best bet would be to setup a forum like our testing forum is here, users can only see their own topics, so they are somewhat private, the staff however can see all topics, so you could do your support etc via this method, then if you chose to make one public, move it to another forum with normal permissions. :)

As for changing the current pm to a topic or making it public, no go on that one!

Thank you

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Hi Rhett

We like your idea, it makes sense, and is good for group control.

This pm to topic idea comes up to us now because, human nature being human, things start off as pms, then, in retrospect, we,as admins, see that the pm's become something awesome, a potential content-rich topic that everyone in our general community and seo could benefit from.

Planning for this in advance, as your idea of creating a forum could help, but somtimes the foresight isn't there, and seeing pms go to waste is a bit of a heart breaker for us



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