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Amazing ranks.


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Amazing ranks.

File name: Amazing ranks.
Submitter: IPBaddons
Submitted: 10/06/2013
Category: Look and Feel
Demo : http://ipbaddons.com/
Discussion URL : http://ipbaddons.com/
Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x,IP.Blog 2.5.x,IP.Blog 2.6.x,IP.Board 3.1.x,IP.Board 3.2.x,IP.Board 3.3.x,IP.Board 3.4.x,IP.Calendar 3.1.x,IP.Calendar 3.2.x,IP.Calendar 3.3.x,IP.Chat 1.3.x,IP.Chat 1.4.x,IP.Content 2.1.x,IP.Content 2.2.x,IP.Content 2.3.x,IP.Downloads 2.3.x,IP.Downloads 2.4.x,IP.Downloads 2.5.x,IP.Gallery 4.0.x,IP.Gallery 4.1.x,IP.Gallery 4.2.x,IP.Gallery 5.0.x,IP.Nexus 1.3.x,IP.Nexus 1.4.x,IP.Nexus 1.5.x
Support Info : Support only on ipbaddons.com

Simple forum ranks.

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Hi there,

Just purchased this theme for my website. its a good base !

However a few issues I have that hopefully are minor CSS tweaks:

1) how can I add more icons to my menu navigation bar next to links like you have done with "home" "calendar" "store" etc...

2) I would like the whole width of the forum to be a little wider - similar width to the default theme.

3) There there any way to reduce the padding at the start and end of each navigation menu item? I would like to fit more links on the navigation bar than there currently is and see a lot of wasted space.


Great theme.



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