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Make "Sign In" Page Notice EASIER to Edit


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It was suggested by Alan Wagstaff that I make a post here regarding the problems I have had with the Language Pack.

On the "sign in" page there is a rectangular box area which has one short sentence:

"The community administrator requires all members to sign in"

However if the administrator has the acp settings set with regard to Guests that he (or she) REQUIRES ALL Guests to Register before being allowed to access the forum, there is curently only *ONEWAY to change that one line sentence to read:

The community adminstrator requires that ALL Guests REGISTER - use link below. If already a member, use "sign in" form.

*That ONE WAY is to change it from the language pack - which is a pain in the butt!

There are MANY good features about IP Board, but this particular situation needs to be corrected in the new IP Boafrd version!

Make it so the line of TEXT - as mentioned above - can be changed from an ACP function with a SIMPLE Editing section.

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While I understand your concern, I am sure that translating/editing will become more easy in version 4. Since this version is around the corner, I highly doubt any essential changes will be made in the 3.4.x product line.

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