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Group promotion via reputation?


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Hiya lads and lasses

I help run a football (soccer!) forum, and like every forum out there we have our fair share of intelligent posters, as well as new folks learning the ropes, as well as idiots with nothing better to do than spoil intelligent discussion.

We'd like to implement an "exclusive" area of our forums where the aforementioned intelligent posters can have a discussion without being interrupted, but still have this area viewable to all. So basically "Forum X" to be readable by everyone on our forums, but only members in a certain group can post there.

Where I'm falling down is how we can add people automatically to this new group. What we'd like to have is for members who meet three criteria to be automatically added - a year of time on the forums, a certain amount of posts, and a certain level of reputation. (Let's just say 500 posts and 750 reputation "points"). Via the AdminCP, I know I can set up people to be automatically promoted to a new group via the Group Settings panel using EITHER approved posts or days since joining. Reputation isn't an option here.

So the question is if there's a way of having a member automatically promoted when they hit all three thresholds? My initial thought would be to set up a group that people are promoted to after they reach their year, and then are promoted from THAT group when they reach a certain post count. But no clue how to involve reputation as well.

Any advice or help on this is appreciated.

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