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Minecraft Server Status

Adriano Faria

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With Minecraft 1.7.2 your modification does not work. Please update.

Hi Shyest,

This hook uses the Pheonix API, its probably the API not working with the 1.7.x query. As long as your query ports are enabled and firewall open, check directly with the API and get in contact with the API Author if it doesn't work.

Also, the current 1.7 version of Spigot has query issues.

I wasn't complaining or asking for a refund, I was just explaining what happened. But if you want to be that way, all of the other minecraft plugins support ALL minecraft servers.

Once again, I wasn't complaining, just requesting the support of MCPE.



MCPE server uses the same query as normal minecraft. Enable query in the server.properties and set the query port to the same as the join port. There shouldn't be any reason that Pheonix API won't work with MCPE.

Take a look here: https://github.com/PocketMine/PocketMine-MP/wiki/server-properties

For anyone that can't retrieve player images, make sure that the Query port is the same as the join port (Minecraft default is 25565). And make sure that port forwarding (UDP for query and TCP for join) is setup.

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The API really stopped working. Even their site is down: http://api.iamphoenix.me/

If anyone else knows another API that can be used, please tell. The file will be unapproved, as soon as a Marketplace moderator reads the PM I sent, so new purchases won't be possible.

For those who bought it and if I (or anyone else) didn't find another API, please choose another resource of same price range ($6.11). The file will be given to you, via Marketplace. You only need to PM me with new file information.

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