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Support needed in the Netherlands


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I have nice opportunity and as far as I can tell the IPS suite is the way to go.

Unfortunately there are no experts/dealers in the Netherlands.

(Maybe we as a company would like to take this up)

But I need sales support to help me with the quote. I have been trying this for a week now, but your feedback is very slow and your phonenumbers on your website report: out of service.

The Sales Support is always 'Off Line' (Black Tab Bottom-right). I had an appointment this day (evening for me) but no show up.

We are in Knowledge mgt, Knowledge sharing, etc. (www.topshare.com) and I wanted to write a quotation on IPS. The deadline is Oct 4 th. And I have urgent questions about IP.Content. The is IP.board knowledge in the Netherlands, but no knowledge opn the other apps.

Is it still worthwhile pursuing IPS, or is there something wrong?

Please advice.

Thank you, Marten Renkema, Managing Director Topshare Int. BV

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  • Management

I have been replying to your emails trying to set a time to schedule a phone call. Over the course of the several days we have been going back and forth on a call time and you posting this topic you could have just presented your questions via email and they would have already been answered :)

Being an Internet company we freely admit that phone service is not where we focus our efforts.

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Hello Charles,

I asked 7 questions per email and we agreed to talk them through by phone. I waited till late evening here for you to call.

Hope to talk to you on Monday.

Send an email to set a fixed time and for you to call me, because I cannot call IPS for above reasons.

Have nice weekend, Marten

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