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(RT) Firedrive Video - Media Tag


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File Name: (RT) Firedrive Video - Media Tag

File Submitter: Ryuuji-Takasu-

File Submitted: 24 Sep 2013

File Category: Integration

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

Adds support for video files from Firedrive into the built-in IP.Board bbcode.

Log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Look & Feel tab -> Post Content -> Manage Media BBCode page.
In the 'Import New Media Tags' section, browse to the XML file included with these instructions and click Open.

here to download this file

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Putlocker change the url and script...

now is firedrive.com

So this hook dont work anymore, needs update...

It works perfectly fine, if you use noscripts or other scripting blocking tools 'allow firefrive.co'. My site uses this and it's perfectly fine, no issues whatsoever. I wished we could block the popups but that's more preference over anything.

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