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sql backup: what does it backup

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if i do the sql backup( which i do religiously) what does it save. i just use the standard settings as below.
if i get hacked will i be able to restore all data including posts with formatting etc?
member lists?
in other words it will take me back to the day of my backup without any loss of data?
the option for skiing non-essential data leave as yes. is that ok?
MySQL 5.1.56-log Backup

Simple Backup
Add 'CREATE TABLE' statements?
Skip non essential data?
Will not produce insert rows for sessions, admin_sessions, captcha.
GZIP Content?

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I tend to do a database (sql) backup then about every third one a filesystem backup.

Bear in mind uploads ie profile photos / post attachments / gallery images if you have gallery / downloads if you have downloads are in the filesystem and will not be backed up with a database backup.

What your sql backup is, is the forum / posts / topics / members / personal messages etc.

Old article I wrote but still reasonably relevant > http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/articles.html/_/server-resource-management/taking-a-manual-backup-using-cpanel-r240

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