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Archiving Rules

Joel R

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So I was reading the main IPB website today, and I found out you all had archiving so I had to try it out!

Unfortunately, it appears that you only allow 1 archive rule.

For example, I was trying to create rules that cover the following:

"Topic is locked" OR "Topic last post > 60 days"

Instead, IPB interprets this as the following:

"Topic is locked" AND "Topic last post > 60 days"

IPB should allow as many rules as possible, given that they make logical sense. (For example, there's no need for multiple archive rules where the first rule is "Topic last post older than 60 days," the second rule is "Topic last post older than 90 days" as those two rules clearly overlap and the first rule logically supersedes the first one.) But right now it's simply not possible to use multiple rules that cover more topics.

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I agree and definitely see the need for more than one archive rule. Or a per forum archive setting.

I.e. The post trashcan can be set to always archive topics/posts older than let's say 30 days.

But you often want a totally different setting for "normal forums" i.e all threads where no post for x years.

But I think you can "trick" the system as the archive task won't unarchive already archived topics.

So if you archive all with rule 1, then you can start archive with a different rule. But there can only be 1 rule constantly active polling for new things to archive.

Also it would be nice to have a setting how many topics to archive in each cycle as it now takes a long time, even when setting a more frequent schedule than the default 15 min.

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