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What with my license now? ;)


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Hello guys, I have an question for you,

So, last year (april 2012) I bought IPB license and installed IPB at server. For 3 months my page was working great, but I didn't pay just one time for my server (delay some days) and fuc*ers removed my server and all the files from it. When I asked about backup I got answer that they don't have it.. I was so frustrated and didn't want to start everything again, so I just forget about it. I was all the time thinking about a new project, but in fact I didn't do anything new. And now my question is - If I would like instal IPB forum that I bought in april 2012 then what shall I do? I have to do all the things like I did while I was installing it at my first page? Do I have to reactivate my license to do it or not?

I wonder because I remember when I was installing IPB I had to "connect" IPB with server, domain etc, and then I lost my server with all those settings. So I don't know If this license is still assigned to my lost page or?..

Greeetz and so sorry for my english, it's really bad. :)

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