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Titanium clean forum skin

Mark Round

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File Name: Titanium clean forum skin

File Submitter: Mark Round

File Submitted: 12 Sep 2013

File Category: Look and Feel

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

Titanium is a clean modern looking skin,ideal for a gaming forum or modern media site.
instructions on install in the read me
full support given on request

**latest version 1.2*****


here to download this file

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Nice work.. I have downloaded and am using as my main skin.. seems like some areas are not finished though.. like the profile pull down area.. amongt others.. can you upload a updated version please so I can re-apply?

I will reply back with the examples...

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For example.. these...

All fixed in the update,apart from the pinned topics as i dont have that mod,send me pm i can fix that for you

Really nice looking skin. Make it for IPB 4 when that comes out and I'll buy it then.

I will be updating this for 4.0

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You also said that it includes IP Content? What is the extent of it? It seems that most Blocks used still use the default IP Board skin..

Also the preview topic still is not styles to match your skin.. still IPS Blue

I also had to edit some hardcoded images for backgrounds that linked to external websites.. this was used twice in the global css file.. no matter what I did, I could not get the background to show.. it was loading a different one from another web...

Could you please release a new version and put it up for demo so we can see that it is complete? That would help out alot. :)

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ok il release a fix today,i did explain to you that you hadn't used the updated file and that you were still using the old version.I should have this ready to go in a n hour or so.

EDIT... the updated version that is already here is up to date with all of these fixes,i can see that you are using the old version still on your site,you need to enable it.I noticed it was hidden when i was over at your site,titanium (import) unhide it and test for me.

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