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4.0: Shared Media Improvements


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Shared Media is a tremendous asset for making existing content available and reusable. That said, there are a few changes I'd like to suggest that I think would make it even more useful:

  1. Give admins the ability to easily control the content/styling of the display of the dropped in content in a manner similar to block templates from IP.Content. That would allow for niche appropriate formatting.
  2. Give admins the option to allow Shared Media to show not just the current member's content. By default I'd set it to show the logged in member's content, but I'd expand it to allow the using member to specify criteria for what they are looking for. That would make it an amazing tool for making the existing wealth of content on an established site available for re-use by admins and members both.
  3. Add IP.Content databases (and Articles) to Shared Media. This is a major problem, as IP.Content databases are a really rich source of content creation, and being able to drop in Summary, Representational Image and link to the record is an obvious (to me at least) use of shared media. Ideally I think adding a block format section to the DB configuration section under "Options" that allows the admin to build the content and display of what gets dropped in by Shared Media would be perfect.

James (of James and Susan)

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