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Custom Profile Fields: Improve this Feature


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I've been looking at the custom profile field in ACP and I'm wondering why this has never really been upgraded, expanded or enhanced. While there are some options available for when creating this, I'm wondering why you can't create a text box and allow end-users the ability to display bbcode or html within the text boxes, if you create a custom profile field with a usable text box for your members.

I thought about creating a custom profile field with a text box that memebrs on my site could use but it only allows you to post text, it doesn't allow for HTML posting or bbcode posting. Any plans to improve the custom profile fields?

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I would integrate a bit of custom field into new topic screen...
I would a counter that rapresent a how many user have same choose. And when i click into it, i go to search member that have same field...
I would also have a "group" multi-select/option
--other choise (if selected should be fill a other cfield)

I would also set entity jolly * into format, so date stars and other type of input (***-nnnn)
Sure will permise us to export custom fields for hooks application
I attend a more impact on this because this is more rilevant if next release is "social suite"

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