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User Info Pane, Redundant Display of 'Usergroups'?


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I just noticed this, while it hadn't really bothered me before, I noticed that the code for the IPS Community Suite is kind of redundant and a waste of code.

The IPB software allows forum admins to use "team icons" as an option. Now, while this isn't the problem, the code is. Technically speaking, if you use "team icons" for your community, then the software should override the "text" of your usergroup (see attached image). I've gotten around it by manually remarking out the code that displays the text of the usergroup, merely because I use "team icons" on my forums. But, I'm wondering why IPS didn't fix this oversight? It just seems like a waste or remarkable redundancy to have both of them appear.

Please note that I'm referring to the topic view display where the user info pane is displayed next to any message posted on the IPB forum software.


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And you can have an admin group that is not called anything like that, like we do on my forum. So, I don't mind the Admin batch, as it helps stating the obvious particularly for those who are new to the site and they are not familiar yet with our user groups.

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