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Usable theme or skin


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The standard theme is using gigantic UI elements and 5 almost empty lines at the top of the screen before it starts displaying anything, so on a netbook at full screen, I am limited to about 4 forums in the main page, or 4 lines of every first post.

Is there a plan for a compact user interface, where you could see the list of forums, or the list of topics, or more lines in a post with only a limited amount of wasted space on top?

I tried the "View New Content" feature, but it adds 4 extra almost empty lines after the already existing 5. I also tried the mobile version, but it's just not appropriate for a netbook, it still has huge UI elements made for finger tapping, not a mouse, it wastes a huge amount of horizontal space on a normal monitor, and it does not even have an attachment feature, so it is useless for discussing, only for reading.

IP.Board's main page says it's all about readability and making the content available to users, but I don't find it's the case at all, the content is obfuscated behind some UI design choices that just don't work for me. I'd much rather have a compact expandable/collapsable directory-style interface with all the levels of forum categories, forums and topics, and maybe use that same interface with filters applied for unread or new topics or posts rather than having a separate interface for that.

Whatever it is, there is a diversity of form factors out there between a widescreen desktop monitor and a slim vertical mobile phone. There should be at least an intermediate theme between desktop and mobile, or rather, "mobile" should be renamed "mobile phone" and there should be another intermediate "mobile" format.

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Under the assumption on your own site you wouldn't be using the default skin, there are hundreds of different themes available in our marketplace - some will have a more compact user-interface (while some will not).

What you are describing is largely preference, which is why there are so many diverse themes available (everyone has their own preferences).


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