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new installation on subdomain

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Hi all, I create a test install of ipboard on a subdomain for my website.

I install the board on the domain I wanted sub.domain.com

the thing is because they dont offer support for test installations I need to ask here

I want the members to be registered normally on the sub domain installation aswell so it wont feel as different website.

I got the URL and Key from tools & settins -> Log in Management ( the ips connect is disabled on master )

and I put the info I got on the subdomain (ipsconnect is enabled)

at this point Im stuck what exactly I must do now to syncrhonize the members ?


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yeah I know, its not public, im using second account so I can make sure it works before I buy an extra license.

On the subdomain I created the same admin user (same name and email ) I will assume that was a bad idea? becuase im not seeing it as one.

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Try this:

Register / login at one board. Does not matter which.

Now view the other board (as a guest), you probably will not see this "test" account there (check members list)

Just try to login at the other board, it should then "add" it as it will accept the credentials.

Note I'm not too familiar with Connect apart from doing a few tests when it was first announced.

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