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Hid a topic, now both mods and admins can't see it


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I searched this section and found no other topic with this specific problem, so here it goes:

I'm a mod on a forum and wanted to hide a topic that I started too soon (eg: a contest topic which I wanted to discuss with fellow staff members, away from members' eyes). After creating and pinning the topic, I chose to hide it. Now it's unfindable. I asked the admin, he can't find it either. We're both like... :blink:

Does anyone know what/where might be the problem? I'm a mere moderator, don't have access to admin stuff, but I'm gonna pass it to him and we'll figure it out after all.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm afraid that to obtain technical support, the license holder would need to post in the appropriate support forum, or submit a ticket in their client area. As this is a feedback forum and your topic is not feedback in nature, I will go ahead and close it now.

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