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Ad-Blocking Detector Premium


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File Name: Ad-Blocking Detector Premium

File Submitter: CodingJungle

File Submitted: 15 Aug 2013

File Category: User and Social Engagement

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.4.x

With Ad blocking Detector Premium, You will be able to let members know, that you run ads, and they are vital to running your site. With the premium version, gives several additional options, like hiding content while modal window is being display, disable for groups, detect if no-script or JS has been disabled and hide content, disable cookie for persistent reminders. includes templates and language files to allow easy customization of modal windows and messages that appear.

*note: if you have my free version installed, you should remove it before installing this one.
**note: demo link will only work if you are a guest, and the cookie option is enable to avoid repeated modals from browsing the site.

here to download this file

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actually forgot. it is why i've often said a forum is a poor choice for a bug tracker (as i can't set it to send me reminders daily).

Have you configured the hook? there are settings for it in system->system settings->hooks->CJ Ad Block Settings.

if you have, then i would say its a good possibility that the hook point it uses in your skin doesn't exist, have you tried on the default IPS skin, let me know if it works there, if not, I will set aside some time and come and look at your site.

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without further access, then that is my best guess that some one has altered the hook file, cause those lines do not appear in my code. I've double checked on my own site, and installed on my dev, neither one of produce those lines of code, they produce load javascript line as intended.

I would suggest downloading a fresh copy, uninstalling what you have installed, and install from what is in the download zip.

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Hi, the hook stopped working for some reason. Still investigating this further.

Looking at the page's HTML I can see the javascript code and all its options being correctly loaded.

Tested with AdBlock 2.7.7

ngx_pagespeed issue maybe? I tested it yesterday and it worked for me on apache with pagespeed.

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Still not working. Removed and reinstalled at no avail. Zero support for a paid hook is unacceptable.

sorry been busy in real life, and as well as having serious internet issues.

Hi, I was able to fix it by renaming the .js file to advertisement.js. It seems the developers of AdBlockPlus got smart and created an exception list for jsLoader.js. Changed the hook in order to accomodate the new file name. Working fine now. Thanks.

k, will take a look at it.

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