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Topic Preview: Show "Answer" instead of "Last Post"


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I think that when users use the handy topic preview that the post marked 'Answer' on question topics should be shown rather than the last post. I've been using this feature on these boards and it's kind of annoying to see the last post as "thanks" on a topic that has been marked Answered. It would be much more helpful to display the post that answered the question on these topics rather than simply the last post.

My two cents :)

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That wouldn't be a preview anymore then.

In what way? Have you tried the feature in the thread list?

Even if it was the first X words of the answer I think it would still be helpful :) As it is the last post is often less helpful than the post that was marked as the answer.

The 'answers' feature of IPB is actually one of my favorite and my upcoming site is built to take advantage of it. I think it'd be useful for users with the same question to be able to see an answer, or the beginning of the answer, if they're go through topic previews. I personally use previews to see if a thread is inquiring about the same problem that I'm having and if it isn't then I don't have to click all the way through. If it does ask the same question I have, then of course seeing the answer right in the preview would save me time.

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