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Serious User Interface update


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Out of curiosity, what exactly is Xenforo "winning" right now?

IPB is great, the features a good. the concept is very nice but the UI of ipb just feels very "flat" or "big", its very "thick", xenforo feels more smooth...

check out their postbit for example, everythign runs and feels more smooth.

I use to be a IPB lover with ipbforumskins but xenforo seems to be doing really good updates, their software is just really smooth and fast.

Its like IPB is old yet new. or new yet old.

its like its half 50% instead of 100% .

along those lines...

thank you.

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I wouldn't call that winning anything :) All you just did was describe your feelings.

But yes every few years we tend to rework our interface. Keep in mind XF is only recently getting any real development and even then in fits and starts. We have been at this over 11 years so we know the life cycle of a product line.

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What exactly does smooth even mean by the way? I think IPB's interface is very user friendly and easy to understand. I am a member on a few boards running on XF and i find their UI very cluttered and not easy on the eyes. Sure, XF has a lot of flashiness but that isn't really needed at the end of the day. A forum software should be simple and easy to understand and from what i have seen so far IPB 4 seems to be getting a major UI overhaul which should make things even better.

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I've been reading so much about all this new stuff that apparently is supposed to help make everything easier that seeing at-least one picture would give me something to actually look at. I know from previous times, people have always argued that things should be better and there are always proper responses to that.. All I'd like is to see what they've been talking about.

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