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Help with php.ini size change, etc

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I'm about to attempt a conversion and install from phpBB to IP Board on a GoDaddy shared hosting, Linux, unlimited account.

I ran the compatibility checker and got these results:


My first question is what do I do to fix the Fails?

Second, I am not an experienced IT guy, so I need help with the php.ini file change.

I need to change that to 128mb and GoDaddy has these instructions:


Problem is, I am confused about where the correct php.ini file is. I found two in my FTP, one php.ini and one php5.ini.

Do I only change php.ini in the FTP, or?

I also did not see any 64mb code to change to 128mb, nor did I see post_max_size and upload_max _filesize in the code inside the php.ini file in my FTP.

I also don't know where and how to do this after the php.ini file is changed:

"After making changes to php.ini, you must perform an httpd restart for them to take effect. This is accomplished by running the following from your command line: /etc/init.d/httpd restart."

Thanks for the help in advance, all!

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You say shared hosting.......

The instructions you link to is for a VPS server, not shared hosting. A VPS is totally different to shared hosting.

Do you have a VPS or dedicated server or are you on shared hosting?

If you are on shared hosting, you maybe able to override the php.ini setting by creating a php.ini file in your web-root, and adding:

memory_limit = 128M

To it and saving the file. Re-run the compatibility checker, see if the memory limit has increased.

If no changes, you could try the following. First delete the php.ini file in your web-root, you just created, then....

add the following to your .htaccess file:

php_value memory_limit 128M

Save, recheck.

If you still have no luck, then you need to ask your shared hosting company to up the php memory_limit to 128M and install ioncube loader and/or Zend loader.

You wont be able to install ioncube/zend loaders by yourself with shared hosting, you need to ask your provider to do this.

If you are NOT planning on using Nexus, then you have no need to have them install ioncube/zend loaders.

You should now, be all set for shared hosting.

I hope this has helped :thumbsup:

EDIT: I have edited this reply!

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I'd agree although for shared, to be honest just provide that image to the host and ask them to fix it for you, they should be able to update the limits or tell you how to yourself. :smile:

I suspect you'll find they are still running with a 32mb limit too. 128mb is not too much these days anyway even for shared hosting. I guess this is because its php5.2 and they are using what was the limit for previous versions maybe, just a guess.

There are suhoisin checks too I wonder if they will be OK (something that would have to be done by them in 99% of cases) but it will install with those anyway.

I'm really surprised you do not have either Zend or Ioncube, most hosts have both. I've yet to see a host that did not have either installed.

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