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Advertiser asks for subdomain

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Recently an advertiser contacted me that he wants to advertise on my site. Her said that he needs for the ads a subdomain dedicated to his ads.

Here is a quote:

We need the subdomain as this is the only way my client can easily integrate the ads. By using a subdomain you will not need to do any website design yourself as my client’s developers do this. The only code you will have to do is to add the search box to your home page.

Does that make sense? Did this happen to you before?

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No, that doesn't make sense at all. To me, that looks more like a setup to try and hack your site, although I might be slightly paranoid. Why would you ever want to give control to part of your site, and server, to someone you don't know? This certainly is not about adding an advert, but about adding a complete advert site to your own one, if you are lucky that is, and in addition, they'd want access to your site as well in order to do so, especially if they want their developers to do this stuff.

Was this one of these requests for a single text line advert originally, and which currently do the rounds?

Warm regards, Wim

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