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Need some way to report documentation problems


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I've been trying to use the Guides recently more to help me with my development rather than plunging blindly into the code, and several times I have run into issues that drove me nuts until I figured out that the documentation was wrong. We need to have some way to report issues like this, I thought we used to.

For example, on the guide for Modal Windows, the list of available options lists ajaxUrl. The correct option is ajaxURL (URL has to be capitalized). I could not figure out why my popup wasn't showing content, and had to debug into the popup class to find out why.

I have other examples, and so I don't think it's a good idea that we post them all in one topic like this, but rather we should have some way of reporting these to you so they can be addressed as they are found.

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Ah yes, there is a Tracker category where I could report them. Seems to me to make sense to have a report link on the guide, though, but that's probably trickier to pull off.

I would go with the tracker category for now, and we will evaluate further when we overhaul documentation for 4.0. Reporting on the main site would likely result in the reports getting overlooked right now, unfortunately.

In the old documentation we used to be able to submit comments. It's a shame we can't still do that.....

Comments were almost wholly not useful, which is why they've not been enabled. They were 9/10 times "how do I do x" comments, which isn't what they were intended for.

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