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Developer's Mode (Step 4: Master CSS Files)

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Okay I did all the other steps but I got confused on Step 4: Master CSS Files

This is the part is weird,
Let me explain more about this:
To use the master_css:
Go to public/style_css/
Make a copy of the css_1 directory, and rename the copy to master_css.

Okay now when I go to my FTP account then look for public/style_css then start looking for css_1 directory, guest what I can't find css_1 in style_css.

Is css_1 is the default skin for Ip.Board ?
if it is then mine is css_6

Idk why I don't have css_1

So please explain how can I do this.

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It would appear you've deleted the IP.Board default skin.

If you're sure css_6 is the default, you can use those... If you're not sure.... You can create a new blank skinset via your ACP and copy that skins sets css_# files to master_css.

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