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Wordpress THEME Integration?


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Not sure if that's the best title but I'm trying to point out that I'm not referencing database synchronization but more of theme/skin integration. I'm ASSuming that IPB is worried about IP Content sales which is why they haven't taken many steps into such a thing. But in doing so it's making it very difficult on some of us and making it so that our developers are trying to push us into wordpress forum plugins instead so we don't have such a hassle.

PLEASE make it so that we don't have to go through exhausting efforts just to make it so we can use our wordpress nav bar (or header), footer, or loop in our IPB skin. Many have wordpress at the root of our sites as that's how we mostly manage it and just use IP for a forum. It's so inconvenient to have to code two of the same nav bars and footers then every time there is a change having to go back into our IP skin and alter the links etc. If we can simply integrate our wordpress ones with IPB then life would be so much simpler.

Also the loop. Showing "recent posts" with links and things like that. It's so incredibly easy on a normal html site but trying to do such in IPB is just about impossible. I don't need the actual comment systems to integrate or login systems... I just need the loop to be able to display recent posts or similar from our theme files the same as this:


I really don't think it's going to take away from IP Content sales but instead make life easier on your customers and also make it so that they don't have to consider alternate forum software.

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