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Users in anonymous mode shouldn't be shown on the read receipts.


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This has always bugged me about IPB so I'm just gonna suggest this here.

I'm a moderator on an IPB forum (http://minecraftforum.net). I currently browse in anonymous mode almost all the time because I would prefer that people not know about my online presence due to the fact that I get a lot of support PMs, plus the fact that I monitor some users for weeks at a time, so I don't want them to know I'm watching them. When I receive a PM, I don't want somebody to know if I've read it or not. Reading it will hint at your online status and sometimes I don't immediately answer PMs, but I read them, so I don't want people to feel as if I'm ignoring them (I've already had a few people complain about me supposedly ignoring them since they were judging based on the last read time). I would like to see a feature where you can optionally turn off the read receipts or have it integrated with the anonymous login system. So it would look similar to this:


Maybe this could be considered for 4.0?

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