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Glossy download buttons

Mark Round

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File Name: Glossy download buttons

File Submitter: Mark Round

File Submitted: 06 Jul 2013

File Category: Other style options

High quality download button images to add an extra flair to your site,go the extra mile and give a finishing touch to your site.Three high quality designs with psd for easy color change.Full support given if you wish it.Very small price to cover my time spent on these,not much to ask.

Depending on how you want to use these
upload the images to an upload solution of your choosing or place them on your server in a suitable location

Integrate somewhere on your site

upload to server in the desired location e.g public/style_images/your style/ downloadbutton.png

Add to the bottom of your post in the forum
Paste the image code into a post e.g


Now free :)

here to download this file

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