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Twitter Timeline


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Twitter Timeline

File name: Twitter Timeline
Submitter: InsanelyMacP
Submitted: 07/06/2013
Category: User and Social Engagement
Demo : http://www.insanelymac.com/
Discussion URL :
Supported Versions: 5,6,14
Support Info : Email, PM, support topic

Show the latest tweets from any accessible Twitter account in the board index sidebar or (optionally) any IP.Content
page using the blocks system.

  • Display recent tweets on the board index
  • Have multiple IP.Content blocks with different Twitter handles (IP.Content is optional)
  • Configure how many tweets to pull on a per block basis
  • Full caching to avoid API rate limits
  • Allows customization of the look & feel unlike the embedded timeline (see demo as an example)
  • Tweet to and follow links
  • Custom date formats supported
  • Conforms with the Developer Display Requirements
  • Uses Twitter API v1.1


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Uploaded a new version (1.0.1) which should fix that issue :smile:. After uploading the new files, run the task "Recache Twitter Timeline" under ACP > System > System > System Scheduler

The demo is just an example of how it can be skinned if you wish to customize. By default I don't provide any other looks, but if you would like options let me know and I would be happy to provide them


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Its empty. :)

I notice if I run the task manually I get a driver error and this in sql_error_latest.cgi.

mySQL query error: SELECT block_name,block_config FROM ibf_ccs_blocks WHERE block_type='plugin'
| File | Function | Line No. |
| admin/applications/core/modules_admin/system/taskmanager.php | [task_item].runTask | 325 |
| admin/applications/core/modules_admin/system/taskmanager.php | [admin_core_system_taskmanager].taskManagerRunTask | 97 |
| admin/sources/base/ipsController.php | [admin_core_system_taskmanager].doExecute | 306 |
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Just installed it, it works a dream :)

Also discovered something - in case it's of use to others who use a skin other than the default one. You need to upload the "public > style images > master > twitter" folder to the style images folder for your skin, or the images for Twitter and the new "Reply, retweet & favourite" won't show.

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Unfortunately without having access to your setup that type of error is fairly hard to diagnose. I've uploaded a small fix for error reporting, but it likely won't help in this case.

Here's what I'd suggest to start:

-Check the screen name to make sure it has been spelled correctly. It should be the name that comes after the @ sign (thanks Millipede :smile:)

-Are you using the consumer keys/secrets for Twitter login? If not make sure the setting "Use 'Twitter Connect' details" is set to "No"

Try this and see if it is of any help :smile:

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Typically what that error would mean is that nothing parseable was returned from Twitter... :unsure:

If you're comfortable giving limited FTP/ACP then I can take a look directly - which is quicker. If not, then I can PM you a debug version which will dump the requests to locate the problem.

Let me know which is best for you :smile:

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