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Enforcing Signature Image Limits


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A member brought an issue to my attention today which allows users to easily bypass their group's signature image size restrictions.

When a member sets up their signature, IP.Board will check the dimensions of any embedded images to ensure they fit within the restrictions. However, if an image is embedded into a signature and is subsequently replaced by a larger one at the same URL which breaks the size restrictions, IP.Board will not react to it in any way, and will happily let the new image stay. Re-checking the image on every pageview would create some pretty bad resource issues, but... fortunately, there's a way to work around it. :smile:

Avatars used to be prone to the same issue, but they were neatly fixed when the option for a "remote" avatar was modified to download the remote image to local storage after a one-time size check, where users can't touch it anymore. The same could be done for signatures - copy images to local storage after checking they fit the restrictions. Even better would be an option to upload signature images to the forum directly, if they're going to be copied to the server anyway. :smile:

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