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Installation went fine, but when trying to add an image, I get a database error:


I doubled checked my database, no errors were found.

I'm having some issues with this, as even when I add some some text facts, they're not displaying on the side bar.

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make sure you upload the new files also just in case revert the board index - randomfactsSideBar


I have uploaded all the files twice and reverted the template bit twice....not showing up. Also, you can't remove an image once you add one?

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I've been doing some tests and I believe the shoutbox doesn't work when the random facts hook is enabled. (the shoutbox does appear, but you can't shout anything).

I've tried disabling the random facts hook and then shoutbox works again.

I can confirm that the shoutbox was working ok with the previous version of random facts though.

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