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Brian A.

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A Fantastic theme called "Adore"
Adore is the most beautiful, and simple theme for your forums.
What it needs: [*]System: 3.4.5 & Forums: 3.4.5 [*]Downloads: 2.5.4 [*]Blog: 2.6.3 [*]Members: 3.4.5 [*]Gallery: 5.0.5 [*]Calendar: 3.3.4 [*]Content: 2.3.6 [*]Chat: 1.4.2
You will love this theme and your friends will too.

Forum: themetree.net
Email: admin@themetree.net

Note: We are no longing supporting the old version of Adore because ThemeTree has been upgraded to 4.0. If you still want support or help to Adore, you have to contact us at admin@themetree.net to discuss your problem to Adore. Please notice that we are charging for support and help because ThemeTree is longer have the oldest version so we are kicking in our time to help you and support you.

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    <p>Please <a href="http://www.themetree.net/forum/47-theme-support/" rel="external nofollow">go here</a> to get support for this theme</p>
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Hi @fellowslothb,

Sorry for the late response.

On 12/7/2015 at 3:46 PM, fellowslothb said:

I am trying to get "Header image by IPS Themes" to work with this but to no avail, is it possible to do this?

Yes, it is possible. I would need to configure it to make it work with Adore.

Message me your website and your ACP details.



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