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[Suggestion] Add More / Better Social Media Sharing Options


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I have a suggestion regarding the current social sharing options available in IPB. Personally i believe that these sharing options need to be revamped and move ahead with the changes in social media. Following are the options currently available :

Twitter (500 million users)

Reddit (70 million users)

Facebook (1.1 billion users)



StumbleUpon (25 million users)

These options are fine but wouldn't it make sense to include those social media sites that are currently the most used by your average user (rather than maybe Digg and delicious). So my suggestion is that the following websites should also be added alongside or in place of some of the current options :

Google Plus 1 Button or Google Plus Sharing (343 million users )

Pinterest (48 million users + increasing by a staggering amount daily)

LinkedIN (maybe geared more towards professionals but still) (225 million users)

Tumblr (210+ million monthly visitors)

I find the lack of the google plus button very startling even in the latest version of IPB when its a well known fact that the +1 button and Google Plus sharing impact the SEO of your website/blog/forum. I am not sure if adding more social media icons and websites is possible in the current system but i think the above four options should be available to the average user by default.

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