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Better Spam Stats

The Old Man

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I would like to see more informative spam stats and logs, reasons why they failed etc so you can see what you are doing right or where you could improve your security. Are your Q&A choices effective? The current logs are fiddly and don't provide much history.

For instance, this is taken from a free Guestbook script (Lazarus) which tells you more information about this security related aspect of running your website. Its a copied and pasted table, so I hope the RTE doesn't put the fubar on it!


All available anti spam techniques are counted even if you do not have them enabled.

8430 Filled in the honeypot 1850 Failed the anti bot test 664 You have banned their IP 26 Did not fill in the anti bot test 7 Failed the header checks 6 Posted more URLs than you allow 3 Stop Forum Spam thinks they are a spammer 0 Sent no timehash 0 Posted a word you have blocked 10986 Total number blocked
count started 20th April 2013 at 21:08:35

Out of interest does IPB have a honeypot trap, it seems to be useful from the stats above from my Guestbook?

Ooops, sorry the RTE messed it up. Here's a piccie but you get what I mean...


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