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Editor not working in IOS


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Upon reporting that the editor would not load for iOS users of our userbase, I got this as a reply:


Unfortunately, that is unfortunately working as intended at this time.
Due to the way iOS handles text areas, the CKE proved unwieldy when allowing the usage of it in iOS.
I would encourage you to post your feedback on this matter to our IP.Board Feedback forum on our Company Forums.

Robert Marcher
Invision Power Services, Inc.

Really? As much as I detest Apple iOS and anything associated with it, it has become an increasingly popular choice for people nowadays - and they cannot even post images!

Are there any intentions of resolving this?

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They actually can post images, etc., but they'd have to use BB-code or html to do so.

We made a list of the most important ones for people to use, as a check list type of thing.

I agree this is a BIG pain, supposed to be sorted by 4.0, but with over 40% of our users on iOS, I am not happy about this either. We upgraded from 3.1.4 to 3.4.4 in one fell swoop due to security issues, but had I known this, I would have thought twice if not thrice, especially as we also lost all of our nice customized add-ons as well.

Warm regards, Wim

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