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Category Tabs by IPS Themes

Tom Christian

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is possible to select more than one tabs?

exemple i have five category but i would have to display only tab 3 and 5

Nope, afraid not.

Hi! So i just figured out that there was something wrong with my custom skin. Just fixed it and it works perfectly! This addon is AWESOME!

Great to hear :)

Hi ok that w


Ok that works and looks fine when centered.

But i just checked and switched it to left justified and that gap doubles.

So I am happy but there is definately something that makes the difference depending on if you have them centered or left justified.

Strange, you may just have to tweak it accordingly.

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My url is in my signature.

Sorry im not giving you admin access but im more than capable of following instruction.

Let me know how to proceed.

If you've followed the installation instructions included in the documentation correctly, it will work fine. I suggest removing all instances of it and re-installing it again following the instructions. If still doesn't work, try re-caching your skin templates once more.

Without ACP access, there's not much more I can do for you I'm afraid.

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AFAIK the instructions are upload files, import hook.

Ill try it again and also clear the template cache.


It actually works fine with the default skin on your board which means the issue lies with your custom skin.

Are you okay with me doing some debugging? You may notice some issues temporarily with your skin. It'll all be backed up of course :)

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Hmmm, i did try the default skin. But thats good news if it is working now.

One change on my skin is the removal of the whos online code in the footer, if that is causing it.

But yeah, have a play and see what you can do.


Fixed. Strangely enough, it was as you said because the who's online code had been removed. I re-added it but I'm guessing you've got it disabled in the ACP settings as it's not appearing :)

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hi Tom,

is it possible to have the tabs but also when visitors access the site's home can see all the forum categories and then make the choice to use the tabs? Now the first tab is standard active and you see no other categories on forum home...

Not out of the box, no. However, you could easily achieve this by removing the CSS that hides the categories.

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