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Customer blogs are gone. Why?


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I just noticed the other day that customers are no longer allowed to write blogs on this site.

I understand that staff blogs are probably more important and a way for you guys to stay in touch with the community and keep us up to date and everything, but I think it would be nice to give us some personal space where we could write our blogs, even if it's in a different category or something, not to mention that the blog app would get a bit more exposure...

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Have a look here :-) : http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/385631-why-were-ips-member-blogs-deleted/?p=2401471


The blogs were full of spam and "test" posts making it hard to find our real blog entries. It was so full of such things even I didn't realize there was real content there.

We had blogs open for testing for like 8 years because we didn't always have a demo but we do now so it made sense to stop that.

As I said, if someone had real content in the blog section we can restore it if they contact us.

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