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Remove or reset Warning Points and restrictions By Moderators


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currently there isn't any easy way for moderators to remove warning points / restrictions and history in the front end of the forum.

when giving a warning moderators can set the option to automatically remove the points / restrictions after a certain period of time.

The warning history is still left and not cleared though.

The process to remove points and restrictions takes many steps to achieve and then there still is a period of 1 hour minimum for the warning to reset.

It's completely plausible for a member to appeal a ban to an moderator, and after reviewing the restriction made on the member the moderator may want to reverse/revoke the warning.
its an option/function that is needed by moderators and admins available on the forum public side and with just a one click option to achieve a reset.

searching IPB forums it appears this has been requested quite a few times, not only for points and restrictions to be reversed but also the warning history to be cleared also if needed.

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I agree - I know I can remove restrictions in ACP but my moderator team are not able to remove these it seems without going into to a member's warnings, and say for instance creating a new warning instance to remove a permanent posting approval. Which seems pretty crazy.

I might be misunderstanding the system here as fortunately this is not something we have to often use on my board but the only solution I've seen so far, is a paid modification for a function that should be included as standard.

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Apologies if I've got the wrong idea about this, but it seems a much more clunky system than we used to have (I'm on 3.3.4 so it may be different now of course).

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